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By Abdul-Karim Mustapha, Timothy S. Murphy

To determine such a lot of neighbors bringing such severe contributions to undergo on my paintings serves as a spur to motion once more. Antonio Negri
The awesome good fortune of Empire and Multitude has introduced Negri's writing to a brand new, wider viewers. Negri’s paintings is singular in its intensity and expression. it may be tough to understand the complexity of his rules, as they're rooted within the historical past of philosophy. This booklet bargains an creation to his pondering, and is perfect for readers who are looking to familiarize yourself together with his key subject matters. awesome participants comprise Pierre Macherey, Charles Wolfe, Alex Callinicos, Miguel Vatter, Jason learn, Alberto Toscano, Mamut Mutman, Ted Stolze and Judith Revel.Written with dynamism and originality, the booklet will attract somebody attracted to the evolution of Negri’s inspiration, and particularly to scholars of political philosophy, foreign reviews and literary conception. This e-book is the sequel to The Philosophy of Antonio Negri, quantity One: Resistance in perform (Pluto, 2005) yet might be learn fullyyt independently.

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As a term for analysis, ‘philosophical practice’ refers less to the concepts produced or positions taken than to the particular manner each philosopher has of writing, broaching questions, and producing concepts. It is on this level that Marx’s radical break can be measured. For Althusser, this new way of doing philosophy was characterized by the extreme heteronomy of philosophy, its determination and transformation by other forms of practice: economic, political, etc. . [P]ractice is what philosophy, throughout its history, has never been able to incorporate.

Which makes Negri an impressive, singular—and ultimately challenging—figure in contemporary philosophy and political thought, but the indication that beneath these seemingly disparate researches there is a unity of a philosophical political project. But what exactly is this unity? It is in answering this question that some of the traditional ways of understanding the intersection of philosophy and politics fall short of the challenge of Negri’s thought. One possibility is to understand Negri’s thought as developing an ontology of immanence and power, drawn from the weighty tomes of Spinoza, which is then applied to politics and society.

T]here are in effect two Spinozas, if only we were able to succeed in suppressing and subduing the suggestions or the apologies that erudite history produces, if we were able to situate ourselves on the solid terrain of the critical and historiographic consciousness of our own times, these two Spinozas would come to life in full play. (Negri 1991b: 4) Murphy 01 intro 31 4/4/07 13:44:37 32 Revolution in Theory If the crisis makes possible a reading of the tensions and divisions of Spinoza’s text, then Spinoza also makes possible a reading of the crisis; that is, Spinoza makes possible a reinvestigation and a rethinking of the ontological, subjective, and political dimensions of the contradiction between ‘relations and forces of production’ (Negri 1991b: 223).

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