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In this it echoes to a great extent the concerns of the founders of French labor history, certainly the precursors, Edouard Dolléans and Maxime Leroy, but also their more or less immediate successors in the Second World War and early Cold War era, Georges Lefranc and Maurice Dommanget. Like Dolléans, an admirer of Proudhon, and Dommanget, a student of Blanqui and Vaillant, I believe that the interaction of labor leaders and militants with the economic, political, and social forces that shaped their times offers vital insights into working-class history.

For ways to escape" from it until some three years after his arrival in Paris.  .  . It was in uniform that he first tried his hand at propaganda, dangerous propaganda if ever there was such. "39 It is difficult to know how much credence to give Méric's account of Griffuelhes as a subversive in uniform. " In assessing the influences that turned young Griffuelhes toward radicalism, it would be wise not to overlook the impact of the Parisian social environment he entered upon his arrival in 1893.

28. Joseph Barberet, Le Travail en France. Monographies professionnelles (Paris, 188690), V, 137. Page 10 for Fr 4550 in smart shops. In recent years, however, novelty shops had begun selling a lower-quality version of the shoe for Fr 3032 a pair, and the department stores a cheap imitation for Fr 26. There was pressure from employers, the spokesmen said, to force them and their fellow workers to accept lower piece rates, in order to compete with the cheaper goods. The only way that Louis XV shoemakers could continue to make a living in such circumstances, they declared, would be to increase daily output, and this could only be done by skimping on the quality of the producta blow to their pride they found hard to accept.

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