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It is a definitive technical consultant to the Vought F4U Corsair. With over 12,500 produced, the Vought F4U Corsair is among the icons of mid-20th century army aviation. With a USN kill expense of 11:1 in the course of international battle II, call for passed Vought's production services, and it holds the checklist for longest creation run of an US piston-engined fighter airplane. It was once as a Marine Corps plane that the Corsair used to be to develop into recognized, combating via international warfare II and Korea. in a position to outperform its contemporaries, particularly the A6M 0, the Corsair mixed velocity, resilience and firepower. It additionally served in Indochina and Algeria, and in 1969's 'Soccer struggle' among Honduras and El Salvador, Corsairs have been flown by means of either side and fought the final propeller-aircraft dogfights in historical past. colour illustrations and pictures increase the exam of the technical features and wrestle functionality of this unparalleled and significant plane.

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During testing of the AU-1, pilots found the Aero 14A rack/launchers to be adequate for dropping bombs. However, when firing rockets, they assessed that damage could occur to the rack, ailerons, and flaps. The AU-1 was similar to the F4U-5 in having positions for external fuel tanks or bombs on the inner wing or wing knuckle. The centerline position used a Mk-51 bomb rack capable of carrying a 2,000lb bomb. Two additional Mk-51 bomb racks could be carried on each inner wing station, bearing up to 1,600lb each.

Undeterred by fierce opposition, and fearless in the face of overwhelming odds, First Lieutenant Hanson fought the Japanese boldly and with daring aggressiveness. On November 1, while flying cover for our landing operations at Empress Augusta Bay, he dauntlessly attacked six enemy torpedo bombers, forcing them to jettison their bombs and destroying one Japanese plane in the action. Cut off from his division while deep in enemy territory during a high cover flight over Simpson Harbor on January 24, First Lieutenant Hanson waged a lone and gallant battle against hostile interceptors as they were orbiting to attack our bombers and, striking with devastating fury, brought down four Zeros and probably a fifth.

The United States Navy responded by sending the USS Valley Forge to the region. After being readied for action, the Essex-class carrier launched her first strikes against North Korean airfields and rail yards located at Pyongyang on July 3, 1950. The strike consisted of F9F Panthers, AD-1 Skyraiders, and 16 F4U-4B Corsairs from VF-53 and VF-54; loaded with rockets, and the Corsairs hit their targets without losing an aircraft. Marine F4U-5P Corsairs from HEDRON-1, Detachment onboard the USS Valley Forge conducted battledamage assessments of the initial strike on the same day.

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