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Simulate optgroups in Gravity Forms select (drop down) element

23 Oct

Gravity forms is an amazing plugin. I have extensively worked with it, made addons for it and did a lot of hack style work. It has a great interface. The actions and filters make addon building and customization a breeze. But obviously, as every rose has its thorns, GF too has a few things that […]

Display only the posts authored by the current WP user on the ‘Posts’ page in the back-end

2 Jan

First, Wish you all a Happy New Year! 🙂 Now lets get down to the nerd stuff! This is a very commonly faced problem by many WP devs. When logged in as a user with a role that is allowed to create / edit posts such as Author, Editor, Contributor or a custom role with […]

Add items ANYWHERE to the WP 3.3 Admin Bar

30 Dec

The title is pretty loud and clear, we are going to see how to add new items or links to the Admin Bar. Now it does say WP 3.3, but according to the core file, this method should work well backwards up to WP 3.1.0. I believe as you reached here, you meet the following […]

Show or Hide a WP widget only on specific page/s without using a plugin

1 Sep

Widgets make a WP theme’s sidebar alive. Small but important pieces of info which shouldn’t be restricted to a single page, can be put into a widget and made available on all the pages through the sidebar. But sometimes you might want to show a widget only on specific pages or page. One would code […]