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Add custom Javascript to a WordPress plugin’s admin page and pass PHP variables to it

6 Jan

I’m almost a WordPress geek by now, but I confess I always had trouble including a Javascript file with my own custom scripts in it. And I always used ‘wp_register_script’ and ‘wp_enqueue_script’ the wrong way. What’s worse, I literally echoed out the path to the Javascript file by assigning it to a variable first. See […]

Enable MultiSite/MultiUser support in WordPress 3+

4 Oct

Now there’s one more reason to bow before the might of WordPress 3… MultiSite/MultiUser support! WordPress 3+ comes packed with the core of WordPress Multi-User (also known as WPMU) built in it. It allows you to run multiple blogs and have a ‘site of sites’ or a ‘network of sites’ within one installation, thus the […]