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Use Google App Engine to host your Rapportive Raplet

1 Mar

So you got a very cool Raplet ready to fire up our Gmail inboxes, but don’t have a server to host it? Worry not my friends, Google App Engine comes to the rescue! You can host your Raplet on Google App Engine, and leverage the power of Google’s services such as mail, users, datastore etc. […]

Raplets tutorial part 3 – Add metadata section to your Raplet

1 Nov

It’s time we make our Raplet configurable for everyone who wants to use it! Precisely, we are making it ready to be personalized… Not clear yet? Say we are making a Raplet for XYZ API which provides its users an API key for accessing the data. With a metadata section, users of our Raplet will […]

Raplets tutorial part 2 – Add Javascript to your Raplet

1 Nov

This is the 3rd article in the series of my articles on Raplet development and I assume you followed my previous articles on Raplet development before reading this one. If you want to know what Raplets are and start making your first Raplet then I suggest you read my previous posts: Building Raplets – Get […]

Raplets tutorial part 1 – ‘Hello World’

31 Oct

In this post we’ll actually start playing around with Raplets by making our first Raplet, the ‘Hello World’ Raplet. If you don’t know what Raplets are, then I suggest you read my previous post which will give you an introduction of Raplets. Create a file ‘raplet.php’ with your favorite editor and save it in a […]