Set up an Amazon Book Store on Google App Engine – 2 – Constructing and Signing the Request for Amazon Product Data

23 Feb

This is the part 2 of the ‘Setting up an Amazon book store on Google App Engine’ tutorial series. I assume that you have followed the first part of this tutorial, and completed the app along with it. If you haven’t, then please read the first part, complete it before continuing. Setting up an Amazon […]

Set up an Amazon Book Store on Google App Engine – 1

23 Feb

Who said good things don’t come for free? They do! Amazon Product Advertising API and Google App Engine are 2 such powerful things that all web developers should know! Google App Engine lets you host your websites/apps for FREE, completely running on Google’s resources, whereas Amazon Product Advertising API allows you to showcase Amazon’s product […]

Make an ‘AddThis’ sharing widget for PyroCMS

8 Feb

In this article we’ll learn to make a widget for PyroCMS. This article will teach you the basics of making a PyroCMS widget and we’ll make our own, ready to use AddThis sharing widget along the tutorial. Before we begin, here’s a little intro: 1) PyroCMS – It’s a ‘Content Management System’ built on ‘CodeIgniter‘ […]

Add custom Javascript to a WordPress plugin’s admin page and pass PHP variables to it

6 Jan

I’m almost a WordPress geek by now, but I confess I always had trouble including a Javascript file with my own custom scripts in it. And I always used ‘wp_register_script’ and ‘wp_enqueue_script’ the wrong way. What’s worse, I literally echoed out the path to the Javascript file by assigning it to a variable first. See […]