Show or Hide a WP widget only on specific page/s without using a plugin

1 Sep

Widgets make a WP theme’s sidebar alive. Small but important pieces of info which shouldn’t be restricted to a single page, can be put into a widget and made available on all the pages through the sidebar. But sometimes you might want to show a widget only on specific pages or page. One would code […]

Use jQuery to reorder your WP posts on the fly

13 Aug

If you use WP for a lot more than just publishing a blog and using the ready made themes and plugins, then I bet you know a whole lotta stuff can be done with the normal list of posts on your blog index. One such thing (and a highly desirable feature) is to be able […]

Use Google App Engine to host your Rapportive Raplet

1 Mar

So you got a very cool Raplet ready to fire up our Gmail inboxes, but don’t have a server to host it? Worry not my friends, Google App Engine comes to the rescue! You can host your Raplet on Google App Engine, and leverage the power of Google’s services such as mail, users, datastore etc. […]

Use Bottle Python framework with Google App Engine

26 Feb

Hi fellas, hope you’re already flying high with GAE and have your own Amazon product store set up after reading my previous post series on how to Set up an Amazon Book Store on Google App Engine! GAE supports a number of Python web frameworks. See what the Google App Engine site says: ” Google […]